Gary Yantis is a semi-retired businessman and electronics engineer of 44 years. He currently does consulting in various fields of electronics and in survivalism. Mr. Yantis specializes in high technology sciences and products mostly having to do with defense and protection from the latest high technology weapons including some not yet in production. In this high-tech world, mankind faces hundreds of new dangers from weapons sometimes easy and inexpensive to make but that can still cause major damage and loss of life. He worked for the Atomic Energy Commission as an engineer active in what some say is the most probable future weapon of choice by terrorists – Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP). He was also an avionics (aviation electronics) design engineer and customer technical consultant to airlines, governments and commercial and military aircraft manufacturers around the world. He then founded and grew a number of successful high technology electronic companies during the last 30 years of his career. His many decades of work with military contractors gives him unique inside knowledge of current and probable future weapons and guides the reader through preparation for, and protection from, such weapons including ones still in the design stage. Mr. Yantis held a Top-Secret “Q” clearance while with the AEC.

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